"Life on the farm, the coming of the automobile, moonshiners, the Roaring Twenties, the movie house, ... they're all here! A fascinating story."

- Dean Debolt, university archivist, West Florida History Center

"Written with great humor and insight."

- Robert M. Fulmer, PhD, author of Newcomers in Paradise

"I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading your book. It brought back so many memories as a little girl growing up in rural Alabama, going to rural South Carolina to visit my grandparents of which he was a Presbyterian minister, going to the movies, etc. I cried when I finished it and wanted it to go on forever."

- Toni M. Coe, Pensacola, FL

"This book was hard to put down. Your writing style is very easy to read and very witty. The characters are colorful and vividly described. I also learned a lot from the history woven into the story. A very interesting and well-written book. "

- Diana Gendron, Toronto, Canada

"Never Isn't Long Enough"

"A fabulous book. It feels as though the author is sitting in front of you and introducing you to amazing characters while sharing their stories."

- Valliere Richard Auzenne, PhD

Associate Professor, FSU College of Motion Picture Arts

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Winner of the 2014 National Indie Excellence Award for Regional Fiction