"Hill explained eternity to his children. Imagine, he said, an Eagle that comes once a year to Stone Mountain to sharpen his beak and when the mountain is worn down, that is eternity. They could understand it easily because they were born in the shadow of Stone Mountain at the start of the War. The time was actually WWII, but in reality it was a war between their Mother, Faye, and life."

Meet  Never Isn't Long Enough  author F. Diane Pickett

Diane will be making numerous appearances throughout the southeastern U.S. during the spring and summer of 2014, including interviews on local TV and radio programs and book signings in several cities. Please go to "Events and Interviews" to find out when Diane will be in your area!

- Excerpt from  Never Isn't Long Enough

Written by a true Southerner who knows her way around the derby, Never Isn't Long Enough follows a field of flawed and flamboyant characters as they race through page after page of sparkling wit, drama, tragedy, and conflict. This is the story of how a single mistake can turn the promise of youth into a lifelong quest for retribution. With historical integrity intact, it embodies an irreverent look at religion and the social culture of the South masquerading as "Southern gentility." This is an edgy novel that takes a new look at the old South and its fascinating people.

- Excerpt from  Never Isn't Long Enough